Logo Request

We are planning to change design of Project Free TV very soon, so we need a new logo that’s why we ask the PFTV fans who know Photoshop to make for us a new logo.

Who can help us with a brand new logo to use, please leave a comment down bellow with the .png link uploaded on https://imgur.com/

Thank you so much,
Project Free TV Team.

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at 21:02

Hi guys, me again. I give it a little bit of a twist and i like it more this way.
You’ll see that the 2 first images are .png but the have a white background layer. The second 2 images will appear just black, but it’s because they have no background layer (the background is fully transparent so you can put it over any background).


Greetings from Argentina!


at 04:39

Cannot get calendar of shows. Purple stripe down the centre of yellow screen


at 00:58

Hello! I’m no pro, but really love your site and hoping to help if I can.

Imgur Link – https://imgur.com/Bk4Z3Vh


at 06:25

Logo trying to keep up with the times on the new ways we watch TV

Here’s a serious branding looking but also entertaining and catching attentions.

If you wish to go with it I will deliver the logo in following formats:
1. PNG / Transparent background Light Version.
2. PNG / Transparent background Dark Version.
3. SVG / Universal vector format.
4. If desired, Adobe AI or CorelDraw CDR formats.


at 05:17

Hey! Thanks for everything you do for us. Here’s a concept logo. If you like it, then we can work on it more together.

https://imgur.com/a/LEBiOtd – Long Version
https://imgur.com/a/4hw0MRu – Short Version


Alexandra Davis

at 11:10

Hello admin!
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Wish you to find the best new logo asap!
Alexandra <3


at 15:40

Hey guys, can we get ESPN’s 30 for 30? Thanks!


at 17:39

I prefe an alphabetical list of the prgrams withou the images like before. It takes forever to find anything


at 17:45

Just saw your logo request & I have a great idea! Is it too late or can I submit one Monday or Tuesday?


at 22:20

Hi guys, thanks for bring us our favorites series and films.

https://imgur.com/cQfL53m Long version
https://imgur.com/RlEAAYj Short version

https://imgur.com/fQJrSdc With no background layer
https://imgur.com/GS2aWDw Short version with no background layer


    at 00:49

    @fedetolosa, WOW, we like the most, can you make it .png and upload it again, thanks!


      at 03:51

      Hi guys, those imgur ‘s links contain all .png files. I made them 300×80 px ’cause I read that you need that resolution in a coment below.

      Hope it works for you, if you download the images files you’ll see that they are .png file extention. Greetings.


at 02:48

tried a simple/minimal one


at 00:59

i tried 🙂 let me know if you want any changes.


at 14:38

holy hell


at 14:37



at 07:58

Dune (1985)