How To Watch Series on Project Free TV

Even if watching movies on our website is very simple, we noticed that a lot of users still don’t know how to properly use our HD players to stream movies or episodes without interruptions, therefore we decided to create this short tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to skip the ads and get free acces to your favorite movies and tv series. We know that advertisement is annoying and we are trying to offer you the best user experience with as little advertisements as possible.

Our website is ad-free but the video players that we use are provided by third parties where we can’t control the ads. Even so, this type of advertisement is not very agressive and can be skiped in just 5 seconds as you can see below.

1. First, click on the big play button located in the middle of the page.
This will make the movie thumbnail to disappear and you will see the player.

2. Now this is the HD player, you have to click again the play button in the middle.

3. You have to watch a short video advertisement that will NOT start automatically. Press play and wait for the 5 seconds ad to run.

4. After 5 seconds you can see the button ”Skip AD” in the right side down. Click on ”Skip AD”.

5. Now the movie you want will start automatically without another ads or interruptions. That’s all!

If you still don’t know how to watch, please refresh or try again because ALL our movies and tv-series are working 100% and no video is deleted. You just need to know how to skip the ads, that’s not ours (is file hosting ads).

A little trick is to make yourself an account on then watch anything you want with less ads on the player. Thank you and we wait your comments if this tutorial is useful or not for you.


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at 22:03

Hi, I’d like to watch a series with subtitles, but can’t find the option to enable them anywhere. Is it because I’m using the mobile version of the page or don’t they just work? There was an option, to report that the subtitle is missing, so I’m a bit confused, because it kinda seems like there should be subtitles, or at least a button to enable them or something like this…


at 03:01

It said i could download once i made a account but how do i do that

at 11:08

How we can watch all latest TV show here and Project Free TV is for Latest tv series and shows are daily updated with fresh aired episodes. is right ?


at 23:00



at 05:57

I have signed up to but I still can’t get the videos to open and start!?